In the movie Marley, it shows the life of Bob Marley. It starts by showing a interview he did saying music has always been apart of his family. Bob grew up in St Ann on a farm that grew potatoes, cocoa and, bananas. His mom stated that he grew up as a country boy. Bunny livingston said when he first saw Robert Marley he stood out. Then we learn that Bob farther was from England and not from St Ann. There is only image of him and its of him riding a house.  Bob great grandmother use to call him a Grerman boy. He was teased because he was mixed. Bunny showed Bob music. They played a music instrument called Mento.  Robert then saw a way out with his guitar. When Bob was nine years old him and his mother moved to Kingston to start a better life. They moved to Trench town in Kingston. Him and his friend Bread live a block away from each other in Trench Town. Bob went to bed hungry a lot, his friend stated that why he stick to music for his way out. They also said he was different that he loved music. He did his work then turned to his music. After they heard his first song they wanted to change his name because Robert wasn't show catchy, so they changed it to Bob. But Bob solo recording didn't sell that well, stated in the movie. Then him and bunny formed a group called the wailers. The movie ends when he died he was only 36 years old.


Some of the main points of this movie were that he came from a musical family. This important because it shows that he has musical background that he wasn't along. Also the fact that his farther wasn't from the same country and how his great grandmother used to tease him for being mixed. Another big point would be when him and mother moved to Trench Town in Kingston. This very important because it where he began to pressure music as it being his way out. The finally point that was probably the biggest was that fact that his solo career didn't sell, so they changed his name to Bob to be more catchy. Also how him and Bunny formed the group called the wailers.


The overall purpose of the movie was to show the life of Robert Marley. Better known as Bob Marley. The point of view was shown threw interviews from the past of Bob talking about music. Also showing performances of Bob.That had one on one interviews with family and friends of Bob to. They had them share stories of Bob of him during different times of his life. The agenda of the film was to show the importance of Bob life and what he did through out his short life.


The narrator, historians speaking, were close friends and family of Bob, the people that knew him best. They start by showing his cousin and he talked about how they grew up with each other also his mom was shown in the start of film talking about how he was as a child.  They did have some B role footage of various stuff with Bob music playing in background. 


The film correspond was show the life of Bob Marleyand his importance to music and culture. The film touches on a little bit of everything we learned this term like record labels impact on a artist and putting together a band. this movie touched on almost everything you see in the music industry.