Syd Nathan was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year of 1904. He left school in ninth grade and started playing in bands as a drummer in clubs. This was in early adulthood. He also worked in real estate, amusement park and also a couple of stores. In the year 1930 he open a radio and phonograph store with his sister and husband. then he moved to florida to help his brother open a photofinishing business.


After serval years of leaving down there he moved back to Ohio in 1940. when he return he open a record store to sell jukebox records. Three years later he started his own label called Kings Records but it failed. in 1944 in Ohio he started a record pressing plant. This would be the home of King Records for the years to come.


To record R&B artist he set up Queen records. but later called king records. King Records was also one of the first and leading independent labels It was said that King Records was the firstracially integrated companies during this time. Nathan was also inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1997 and the bluegrass hall of fame in 2007. But he wasn't able to see this happen because he pasted away in March of 1968.